fish, seafood

very similar to cod. firm and mild.

wild-caught in Iceland, certified sustainable by MSC The Marine Stewardship Council.

Format / Marque: ~280gr
Origin: ICE

The fish are fed on an organic diet, which contains organic or natural ingredients only and is free from genetically modified organisms. The fish are fed by hand by local fishermen, who observe the fish and their environment on a daily basis.  superb texture and taste.

please note sized are varied.

Format / Marque: ~360gr
Origin: IRL

No added water or oil. Rich in natural omega 3 oils. Wild caught Sockeye & Pink salmon. Product of Canada. Caught in the Pacific Northwest from sustainably certified fisheries. No bycatch, no habitat damage. 100% traceability from boat to can.

Format / Marque: 150gr - Raincoast Trading
Origin: CAN

 Delicious. This product comes frozen.

Format / Marque: 114gr - Raincoast Trading
Origin: CAN
Format / Marque: 160g Raincoat Trading
Origin: BC