Sustainably grown and harvested.  A source of whole food potassium and very high in fibre.

Raw with no added flavours or sweeteners!

Format / Marque: Organic Traditions - 227gr

Only takes one mouthful and you can't resist. Made with unrefined flours.

Format / Marque: 485gr - Cuisine L'Angelique
Origin: QC

Light and succulent at the same time. Made with unrefined flours.

Format / Marque: 495gr - Cuisine L'Angelique
Origin: QC

Intensively nourishes and protects delicate skin.

Format / Marque: 74gr - Weleda
Origin: GER

Gently cleanses and cares for delicate skin.

Format / Marque: 194gr - Weleda
Origin: GER

For diaper rash.

Format / Marque: 81gr - Weleda
Origin: GER

Dude! California almonds and raisins, plus nutritious certified organic seeds.

Format / Marque: 40gr - Taste Of Nature
Origin: CAN

These plump high fiber, fat-free figs are great for eating when you crave something sweet and even better when used in your favorite recipe. Sulfite-free.

10% DISCOUNT APPLIED WHEN PURCHASING A KILOGRAM. Indicate in notes if you would like a KG

Format / Marque: 200gr
Origin: CA

Discover your pure, natural beauty with this exfoliating enzyme, botanical gelly mask with CannaCell® hemp stem cells, organic hemp seed oil, and pure plant essential oils for a complexion that glows. Made with bioavailable vegan ingredients to be gentle and effective FOR ALL SKIN TYPES.

Format / Marque: 50 gr - Andalou Naturals
Origin: USA

BPA- free cans, no salt added and great taste.

Format / Marque: 398ml - Eden
Origin: US

Capers bring a burst of bold flavour to some of your favorite recipes. A great inclusion for fish, tapas, pasta, salads and sauces.

Format / Marque: 310ml - Savor
Origin: TU