Butter Style Spread Zen Budda

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Butter Style Spread Zen Budda


Zen budda is a creamy buttery-style spread with an edge; it's healthy!

Made with premium, high quality organic extra-virgin coconut and olive oil and hemp, this infusion is designed to increase immunity, metabolism and heal the body. It spreads and tastes like butter but is completely raw, vegan and packaged in a re-usable glass jar. Spread the health and use Zen Budda; it's "A budda like no udda!"

-Gluten Free
-Nut Free
-GMO Free
-No Trans Fats
-Non Hydrogenated
-Cholesterol Free
-Raw, Vegan
-Soy Free, Dairy Free



Format / Marque: 250ml - RawFoodz
Origin: ON