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Made with 100% nautral wood, this multi cloth is bacteria and stain resistant. Rinsing it under the tap is all it takes to make it fresh, clean and sparkling white. Can be used in the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, campsite, garage or for recreational activities.

Format / Marque: 29cm x 29cm - Mabu

Made from 100% organic coconut oil, this powder delivers easily digestible fatty acids that quickly convert to ketones, giving the brains, muscles and other tissues fast and sustained energy. Blends perfectly into any beverage.

Format / Marque: 300g - Nutiva

Morings leaf powder is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C and E, calcium, potassium and protein. Add to your smoothies and soups.

Format / Marque: 113gr - Ecoideas

100% cotton. Plastic free. Chlorine free.

Format / Marque: 10 un - Organyc
Origin: ITA

Let this vegetable medley whisk your mouth away to the italian countryside.

Format / Marque: 680ml - Neal Brother's
Origin: CAN

GoBIO! Organic pesto cubes are great for quick and delicious dishes anytime. Capturing the freshness of the best organic produce and spices, they deliver an otherwordly taste experience to your senses. In convenient cube format, they’re sure to be a new family favourite.

Format / Marque: 6x54g cubes - Go Bio!
Origin: AT

Made with medjool dates, raw cashews, cacao powder, coconuts and lots of love! Enjoy these homemade raw cacao fudge balls.

Format / Marque: 3 balls - EcollegeY

This silky smooth, organic face oil helps replenish moisture and restore skin to its natural radiance, without the heavy texture of traditional creams. A rich blend of four well known oils works to enhance skin’s beauty

Format / Marque: 28.3ml - Desert Essence
Origin: US

These bags are not only great for storing fruits and vegetables. You can also use them to rinse grains and fruits, carry snacks and sieve nut milk.

Format / Marque: 4 bags- Carebags
Origin: CAN

Easy to use, fast acting, dry shampoo that absorbs oil and removes grime without water! Convenient and effective!

Format / Marque: 48gr - Acure
Origin: USA

This pasta is perfect for those who want an excellent source of plant protein and suitable for vegetarians and those with gluten and lactose allergies. An excellent source of protein, potassium, iron, fibre and calcium.

Format / Marque: 200g - Tastell

Get the stink out! These Odour Remover Pacs naturally destroys foul odours and unwanted smells. This product works powered by mineral zinc, by trapping and neutralizing odour without the use of enzymes, alcohols, masking agents like perfumes and fragrances. This product is also biodegradable and not tested on animals.

Format / Marque: 180gr - Nature Clean

Turbinado gets its name from the turbine that spins the large crystals . Each crunchy golden raw sugar crystal captures a bit of natural molasses making it delightfully sweet and flavorful.

Format / Marque: 680gr - Wholesome
Origin: BR

For relief of seasonal and environmental allergies, sinus and chest congestion.

Format / Marque: 236ml - Suro

Wait. Korean taco sauce? Yesss! Sweet, spicy and umami have come together to take the hard work out of making food fascinating. Try it with more than tacos. Think: burgers, stir fries, or meatballs.

Format / Marque: 273ml - Red Duck

Split these guys open and you'll find a paste of jet black vanilla seeds that can be mixed into your favourite recipe to add rich, complex vanilla flavour. Drop the pod into a container for sugar after to make a vanilla infused sugar!

Format / Marque: 5 units - Level Ground
Origin: UG