body care, soap

Tipped with Certified Organic Cotton and have sticks made from virgin paper, pressure sealed. No chemicals or glues, and whitened without harmful chlorine bleach.

Format / Marque: 180un - Organic Essentials
Origin: US

Made with natural and bamboo bristles, this brush is designed to reach those hard to get places. Can be used to exfoliate before the shower or to clean/massage in the bath or show. Great for stimulating lymph and blood circulation.

Format / Marque: Urban Spa

For centuries, hemp has been the fibre of choice for strength, softness and durability. Hemp fibres have a natural resiliency to microbial growth and last 4 times longer than cotton. This cloth is made from 100% Hemp Fibres. It’s superior exfoliating ability will reveal newer, more radiant skin cells without hyper-abrasion. It does all this without overly irritating the delicate skin on your face and body which can cause dryness and sensitivity to sunlight.

Format / Marque: 1 un - North American Hemp Co.

For hundreds of millions of years, genuine magnesium salts have been preserved pristine and untouched by modern pollutants deep in the crust of the earth, part of an ancient seabed that lies 1600-2000 meters under Europe. Magnesium salts, with all their vital benefits, are most readily absorbed transdermally through the membrane of the skin, the body's largest organ and critical to optional wellness.

Format / Marque: 650g - St. Francis Herb Farm

For face and body.

Format / Marque: 325ml - Kiss My Face
Origin: US

Put your favourite bar of soap in our palm-sized pocket. Use the soft bamboo side for cleansing and the jute side for exfoliation.

Format / Marque: 1 un - Urban spa