Made from wild blueberries, this powder can be added to smoothies, water, juice or mix with yogurt, oatmeal and desserts!  Amazing anti-oxidants and vitamin C.

Format / Marque: Organic Traditions - 100gr

With over 63% premium vegetarian protein by weight, PPP offers health-minded consumers a protein replacement product that is easy to digest and so naturally concentrated that 1.5 scoops offers 15 grams of complete protein.

Format / Marque: 750gr - Omega Nutrition
Origin: US

Six pounds of maca makes one pound of maca x-6 powder.  Sustainable grown and harvested!

Add to smoothies, yogurt or cereal.

Format / Marque: Organic Traditions - 150gr

Source of fibre, iron and omega 3.  Sprouting aids digestion and absorption of nutrients.  Add to smoothies, on cereal and salads or in baked goods!

Format / Marque: Organic Traditions - 227gr