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Olive Oil 1L

100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil from the first cold pressing.  Use as dressing, as a cooking oil and even for deep frying!

Type: Emile Noel - 1L
Origin: FR
Soup Hearty Vegetable

Enjoy this hearty vegetable soup by garnishing it with basil and croutons.

Type: 398ml - Wolfgang Puck
Origin: USA
Conditioner Daily Citrus

A daily light conditioner formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable and fruit extracs. Helps to restore luster, softness, flexibility and shine, while detangling hair instantly.


Synthetic free - Hypoallergenic -  100% biodregadable (safe to use in rivers,lakes and streams) - Paraben Free - Soy free - Dye Free - Color Free - Gluten Free - Vegan

Type: 360ML - Carina Organics