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Frozen Edamame in Pod

Edamame (which means “beans on a branch” in Japanese) are green soybeans. They have a nutty, sweet flavor and creamy yet slightly crunchy texture. Makes a great snack.


Type: 500gr - Green Organic
Origin: CHN
Zucchini Green
Type: Lb
Origin: QC
Fermented Red Cabbage

Flavored with fresh garlic and bay leaves, our red cabbage becomes a wonderful salad with the addition of a little olive oil. Delicious mixed with cold chick peas or beans.


Type: 200ml - Caldwell
Origin: QC
Dandelion Tea

Traditionally used to support kidney function by promoting flushing of the kidneys,this blend of dandelion leaf and unroasted dandelion root also helps promote happy and healthy digestion.

Type: 20 sachets - Traditional Medicinals